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Customer support services

We propose several options to ensure that you receive the proper support in your usage of our tools

Support via email

Support via phone

Support via tchat

Number of designated contacts

Service level



The next business day



6 business hours



2 hours 24/7

FAQ Customer support services

What do you mean by business days?

Business days are defined as any day from Monday to Friday, on the time-frame 9h to 18h (9am to 6pm) CET (it is the  Berlin/Paris/Rome time).

What is a designated contact?

It is the number of people in your organization that can have access to our support communication channels. You can change your designated contacts at anytime.

What is guaranteed to happen within the Service Level?

The Service Level guarantees that your ticket is received and answered : the locked user is either unlocked (case of cloud offer) or the designated contact receives a procedure to unlock the situation (case of on-premises offer).

Installation service

Let's put your installation all up-to-speed

Hardware architecture and capacity needs

Server setup and configuration

Software installation

Data bootstrap

2 days system administration training

7 days on-site Full time support

We determine the traffic to be expected and your the constraints of your datacenter to define the best possible hardware architecture to run Stenusys products.

When the servers are available, we install on it any peace of software necessary for the system to run smoothly. It includes backups, redundancy, firewall management, DNS entries or any other setups that are necessary for your teams to feel good using it.

We install our products on your servers. That is obvious, but still good to be sure.

We insert the basic data that may be required to start using the system. It covers assigning roles, setting up the connectivity with the corporate directory, creating companies profile or other content related tasks

During two days we train the staff that will run the system to manage all administrative functionalities of Stenusys.

During 7 days our expert(s) will be in your premises to help you right away with any issue you may encounter

FAQ installation service

Is this offer available for all type of installation?

No, this offer is limited to on-premises licences. For cloud based licences, many of this content is not necessary.

Should I plan to renew this package after a while?

No, the service is meant for companies starting to use the Stenusys products. Your teams are should for example be autonomous to install another of our product, with no specific need of on-site support.

Can you import data from another tool we have been using before?

Yes. We may already have an import tool or create one for the occasion. It is still possible that the information present in this system do not cover all the data we need in the equivalent Stenusys product, or vice-versa.

Does the package include training to the user base?

No, the package includes only training to administrators of the system. Training for the users is available online.

Account manager service

Get personal advises on your usage, an account manager and influence on our product roadmap

Account coordination

Try our new products first

On site visits

Priority into our roadmap

Functional support

An account manager follows globally your interactions with Stenusys, increasing fluidity in the different requests you may have

You are invited to test our new products first. It is an opportunity to give feedback and influence the product development to better fit your needs

Your account manager will come and visit your premises twice a year. For few days, it is an opportunity to share face to face and to improve your experience of our products

Your demands, being issues or improvements requests, are prioritized as high as possible in our products' roadmap. You can even participate to new product design

Your account manager will help you to analyze your usage of our tools and give you feedback of where you can improve. He will as well answer your functional questions regarding tools and methodologies

FAQ Account manager service

Is this offer available for all type of installation?


Is the account coordinator here to fix my issues?

Yes. Among other things, the account coordinator helps you in the resolution of any issue you could encounter.

Do my requests come first in your roadmap with a dedicated account manager?

Yes and No. The products' roadmaps are established based on many priorities to satisfy our customers. An improvement logged by another person may be of greater business value, and you will benefit from it as well. However, at equivalent business value or priority, your request will be prioritized higher.

What happens during on-site visits?

The visits are meant to deepen relationships between you and Stenusys. The agenda of the visit will be defined with you. It contains usually an analysis of the health of your setup of our products and on your usage of them. It could consist of feedback sessions where key users and/or administrators expose difficulties. It can also contain presentation of our planned products and insights on our roadmap.