The software industry is boiling. Practices like Scrum and devops or technologies like containers or micro-services are popping all over the place.

IT departments and software R&D are urged to move in a very dynamic context. Potential benefits are huge. Failure can wipe out a company. We help you to deal with these transformations, to navigate between the different options and adapt to this new era.

We put together deep agile and Devops expertise, IA and data analytics experience and technical background to provide an end-to-end agility service.

Reinvent your software crafting and turn your potential into success.

Development environment

The productivity of developers start with a proper development environment.

Software editor, source code management, build, Continuous Integration, there are many topics that require attention.

Stenusys can provide expertise in these areas.

Agile development

Agile development is not what it should be. We hope for collaboration, sustainable pace and happy stakeholders.

Let's make it a reality.

Agile testing

Quality has never been so important: in today's world, software failure is rarely acceptable.

Testing is then a key activity, from unit tests to system integration tests, from functional to performance tests.

And all of it needs to be continuous, traceable and reproducible.

We can provide support in defining a viable and adapted testing strategy.

Cloud Architecture

Runtime architectures are evolving fast with containers, public, private or hybrid cloud. Technically it is complex and exiting.

But the change is deeper, impacting as well roles, organizations and software architectures.

We can help you to reach your objectives regarding cloud architecture.


Devops is not a fashion. It is a profound shift in how we see the whole software production chain.

And like agile, there are many ways to do it wrong and miss the (huge) benefits.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is about providing software the ability to perceive, understand and act. With experts in AI technologies, we can help you to seize opportunities or to create new ones.


Our consulting services

Diagnose your Software Engineering

Measure what’s working and what’s not in your software development

Establish frameworks and KPI for a data driven approach to transformation programs

Guided analysis of your software engineering experience and your customer experience

Define your Software Engineering strategy

Definition of strategy aligned with business objectives

Selection of collaboration frameworks and tools

Definition of processes and practices

Which transformation to start? Which methodology to pick? Which technology to choose?

Implement your strategy

Change management


Agile and Devops coaching

Technical guidance and architecture

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