Scrumboard teams management

How to easily reorient effort among products

Ok fine, your team is agile. So you can cope with changes in the priority of one product thanks to Scrum.

But how to cope with priority shifts among different products? With turnover?

The answer is simple: flexible team members assignment

It is not perfect. It should be avoided if possible. It reduces velocity. It is the real wold.

How easily can you do it? Let's find out with teams management

How does it work?

1 Designate a tribe leader

We introduce the notion of tribe. It simply represents the group of people by which a set of products is implemented. It is then the unit in which (re)assignments are flexible.

A tribe is managed by a tribe leader that will typically define priorities among products and propose and execute team members reassignment.

2 Define the teams

The tribe leader affects team members to different teams. A team is associated to one product.

3 Update the tribe setup when required

Priority shifts, team members expectations, new arrivals, departures, many things can happen. It needs to be reflected as soon as possible in the Scrum teams to maintain predictability. The tribe leader will manage this complexity easily.