Scrumboard ... Sprint board

How to provide visibility on your on-going activities

The sprint backlog is important: it is where the team life stands.

If your team is not collocated it is not important, it is vital.

You need it to be clear, collaborative, persistent, customizable yet story focused.

That is the job of the sprint board.

How does it work?

1 Start a sprint

By running a sprint planning session until the end, you will define what your sprint contains.

2 The board is there

A Sprint has been created with the stories that you have selected. It can be visualized in its Sprint board right away.

3 Update the board at daily standup

You can assign one or several members to a story (we like pair programming), update remaining effort and move from column to column. 

4 Create a status report

When everyone has done his updates, save the report. It is helpful to checkout the burndown and to communicate to stakeholders. All reports are saved, so you can replay the sprint afterwards, typically during the retrospective.