Scrumboard interactive planning

How to benefit from the interpersonal mechanism that Scrum requires


it is difficult to setup an environment where everyone has a chance to speak freely: the shy, the young, the expert, the one on the phone, the grumpy ...


a large part of Scrum benefits comes from the level of collaboration in the self-organized teams.

So how to cope with this dichotomy?

Let's use interactive sprint planning

How does it work?

1 Activate the interactive sprint planning feature

In the product configuration

2 Run the planning ceremony

Like you would do normally

3 Connect

The members of the team are automatically invited to the ceremony when it starts. They can join easily, typically from their phone or laptop

4 Vote

When analyzing a story, the runner of the ceremony can call for a vote on what participants believe is an accurate  sizing. When all votes are cast, a summary of the vote is displayed with the average and standard deviation. All the team needs to further dig or to confirm the sizing.