Scrumboard automatic roadmap

How to provide visibility on your roadmap

Can you provide a roadmap for your product? That is a question that we get a lot when introducing agile. As a customer, a manager, a sales person, you are certainly interested in target dates.

In Scrum there is no guarantee that a given feature will be released at a given date.  We always welcome changes in the product backlog to accomodate priority shift. But at any moment you can provide the current target date of a given story.

This is the purpose of the automatic roadmap feature.

This is computed and maintained automatically !

See it in video

How does it work?

1 Roughly estimate the items in your backlog

When inserting the story in the backlog, the PO provides a rough sizing that will be used only for long term plan. He/She may ask the team (or anyone else) for help in such exercise. Anyway the PO is the owner of this estimation: it is not to be confused with the estimation that is used in Sprint planning and that has to be defined collectively by the team.

All done! There is no next step

If you respect this constraint, Scrumboard will automatically maintain your full backlog planned and live updated with any change.

It will as well provide target dates to the requests of your customers.

What can impact the planning of a story?

The product backlog updates

Obviously, if you change the priority of the stories, or insert new ones, the previously computed dates will change. And that is actually the goal, because it delivers greater value

The duration of the sprints

You can change this value in the product configuration

The team velocity factor

This value is used to help converge the team velocity and estimations to reach predictability faster. You can change this value in the product configuration. You can find more details in the team velocity management feature.

The team size

If your team changes in size, it will impact the team planned velocity and alter the planning. See more on this in velocity management.