You have chosen Scrum

Us as well. Like thousands of teams across the world. And yes it is a good choice.

You wanted to get rid of Waterfall model, to be more agile. You expected to get the benefits of agility like a better visibility, a greater adaptability, value delivered earlier, a lower risk or a more engaged team.
Sadly, it does not always work that well. You may face now one or several of the following:
  • The team turning into a black box
  • No predictability on what the team will deliver
  • Unclear or inconsistent product backlogs
  • A huge entropy between the different teams, especially on multi-team initiatives
  • A loss of ownership between developers, Product owners or other roles in the organization
  • A constant "rush mode" leading to a disengaged team
  • A higher cost as you need new roles to cope with these challenges
We have seen it. We have been there. Scrum is an excellent product development methodology but it is notably difficult to implement. 

The good news is that you are at the right place to fix it and get the huge benefits of Scrum.


Here is a snippet of what you should expect.


You want to do Scrum. Do not waste time configuring and customizing a generic tool to have it work. Get Scrum now.

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Define the team tempo by selecting your cycle, from 2 to 4 weeks. Control and refine your real velocity to increase your predictability. Never miss a heartbeat again.

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Scrum does not guarantee any delivery date. In a changing environment, who can? But Scrum, with the automated virtual sprint computation of Scrumboard, provides both predictability and live update on target date shifts. Seeing a drift and acting on it as never been so easy !

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With people management and the tribe structure proposed in Scrumboard, align quickly and painlessly the effort to your strategy.

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Scrum ceremonies are the corner stone of the methodology. Use interactive ceremonies to offer a real Scrum experience to your team, local or remote, and ensure all members are heard.

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Sharing your product vision and its backlog is a key asset. With Scrumboard request management, let your coworkers or customers create demands. Associate it with your stories, keeping control of your product.

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"The Scrum tool cannot be a Scrum team impediment"

You probably think that Scrum is about people.

You are right: no tool will guarantee that you get working team. But it can put the team on the right track.

That is why we have developed a solution specifically meant to help people working together, respecting roles and responsabilities.

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