Looking for real agility?
Hoping for a working Scrum team ?


Offer a consistent and interconnected set of tools for improving your software engineering team efficiency and collaboration.

When you want to create software, it is a good idea to start with the basics: allow your team to work well together.
The only way to reach agility and efficiency is to put a good level of collaboration among the key functions of your software crafting entity.
Developers off course but also operators, project managers, product owners, testers … need to collaborate to get things done. They need powerful and integrated tools removing as many impediments as possible.
  • We want to propose a set of tools putting this collaboration as the main focus
  • We want to propose a set of tools helping users to implement the best practices of the methodology they are using
  • We want to propose a set of tools so easy to use that the user can fully focus on his job



Ever wanted a Scrum tool that actually helps? Checkout Scrumboard, the first tool specifically meant to help teams collaborate within a Scrum setup. Automatic roadmaps, velocity management, full transparency... Just some of what you should expect


At scale and in agile, managing initiative is often pretty complex. It involves several teams, impacting their roadmap. It involves many stakeholders that asks for transparency. It requires a new way to think about tooling that just a gantt chart.


Devops is a new way of thinking software organizations. Software deliveries are not only a deployment in production, it is the implementation of the testing strategy of the company.


A tool should not be an impediment. Looking at how complicated it is to manage toolsets, it is hardly achieved. Shyrka helps to manage your Stenusys tools, centralize key information and provides insights on your development lifecycle