How Scrum works?

Get a concise and accurate introduction to Scrum, the best known and most widely spread agile methodology.

The essential of Scrum in less than 7 minutes

How Scrum works?

Scrum is probably the most widely spread agile methodology in the world.

Many agile practitioners think it is often badly implemented and used, preventing companies to get the benefits out of it.

If some difficulties are complex to solve, some others come from a lack of knowledge, or misunderstanding, of the core of Scrum.

In this video we review:

  • The ceremonies and their purpose, in particular the expected collaboration during them
  • The ownerships of the Product Backlog, the stories and the product increments
  • The roles of Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the development team
  • The Scrum board
  • The team tempo


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