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Scrum hoax #3: Project managers should be Scrum masters

August 20, 2019 //// Tags: , ,
While adopting Scrum, many organizations are facing difficulties to appoint the Scrum master. This role has a scope and mission that is disrupting the status quo of the hierarchical organizations, and one particular role: the project manager.   On the other side, Scrum is extremely often seen as a project management methodology, while it is clearly documented as a product development metho...

What is a Devops engineer ?

September 6, 2018 //// Tags: , ,
Devops is the new buzzword in human resources of tech companies. Jobs are popping up all over the place with the title “Devops engineer”. It shows that organizations are now interested in the subject of company end-to-end agility, and that is a good thing. The problem is that Devops is not a job. Funny thing, assigning the responsibility of Devops execution to a job is by definition anti-Devops

Scrum hoax #2: a Scrum Master is useless – Conflicts

July 18, 2018 //// Tags: ,
Any activity done in group may create conflicts between individuals.Scrum, by proposing self-organized teams synchronized by ceremonies and pair-reviews, may bring to the surface conflicts within the team and outside the team. A common thinking is that it relies on the Scrum master to solve these conflicts.  In this article we will review where the role of Scrum master lies regarding con...

Retrospective of Vivatech 2018

May 29, 2018 //// Tags: , , ,
We had the chance to be invited by the Institut Mines-Telecom to participate to the 3rd Vivatech conference in Paris. We attended mostly to meet with various companies and discuss about Stenusys Scrumboard but we also took time to attend few conferences and look at many awesome innovations. Here are few highlights of our visit.  Part 1: Vivatech as a startup On our booth We had a stand on I

The essential of Scrum in less than 7 minutes

April 24, 2018
How Scrum works? Scrum is probably the most widely spread agile methodology in the world. Many agile practitioners think it is often badly implemented and used, preventing companies to get the benefits out of it. If some difficulties are complex to solve, some others come from a lack of knowledge, or misunderstanding, of the core of Scrum. In this video we review: The ceremonies and their purp...

Scrum hoax #1: Scrum prevents transparency

March 11, 2018 //// Tags: ,
Better transparency is one of the key value proposition of Scrum and one of its pillar. Several parts of the framework are designed to help it and make sure to keep stakeholders aware of the progress. More often than not, this does not work as expected and Scrum is blamed for that. It is a perfect opportunity to open this series of articles around the Scrum hoaxes. In today’s article we will di

A branching strategy for Scrum using Git

March 4, 2018 //// Tags: , ,
Scrum is a great framework. If you do not know it, you should check it out and then come back here ! Defining a branching strategy suitable for Scrum is not so simple, here is a proposal. Scrum is designed to develop product among iterations (called sprints). The sprint backlog contains stories which represents the work to do in the scope of the sprint. At the end of the sprint the Product Owne...

How to setup PostgreSql datasource with Wildfly ?

February 12, 2018 //// Tags: , ,
Pretty much all applications require some sort of persistence. Strangely enough, it is not always trivial to set up properly connection between your application server and your database, or to do it in the best way. In particular, putting together Wildfly, one of the most common JavaEE application server, with PostgreSQL, one of the most common open source SQL database, should be done in a hear...

Why software engineering matters

November 30, 2017 //// Tags: , ,
What Spotify, Criteo, Uber, Airbnb and Netflix have in common? Of course, they are young tech companies extremely successful in their fields. But beyond that, they have invested a lot in software engineering. Just like other great tech companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon. And they are very vocal about it: Google Developers, Spotify Labs, Facebook Engineering Blog, Criteo Labs (and many mo...