For companies exploiting your data without your consent

It feels awkward to know that in exchange for free services, our personal data are sold and exploited for a commercial use directed towards us, or by governments to analyze our global web activities.

Most users still believe that they have nothing to hide and that these services are worth few adds.

But what about your corporate data?

R&D plans, future patents, priorities, ideas, innovation... The data that you create are of primary importance.

At Stenusys, we take this very seriously and our data policy is extremely strict and fully transparent.

#1 Your Data is not sold

Data stored on our platform for your company is not sold to any other company or organization

#2 Your Data is not transferred

Your data will stay at our premises based in Europe. No transfer is done to any third party company.

#3 Your Data is not read by us

Even at Stenusys, we do not look at the content of your products. We only access your configuration to help you out

#4 Your Data is used to compute indicators

We do compute KPIs on our platform. For you and for us. All computation done is fully documented and available in the product

#5 Your Data is safe

Stenusys ensures the safety of your data by all means. It is a primary focus of our engineering team

#6 Your Data is not retained

If for any reason you decide to cancel your licence to one of our products, your data will be kept only for a short period of time. In case you change your mind.

But what in practice...

Data privacy policy in details

Data privacy is a major concern in the development of our products. We aim at offering a service where you know there is no risk for your data to be spread all around.

Our users are first protected by the french law (in particular the European legal framework and the French loi « Informatique et Libertés » du 7 janvier 1978). We also forbid ourselves from using data that is stored in our systems for any further usage than providing the expected service.

Data we store

In addition to data created on our products (that is obviously saved), Stenusys collects connection data to respect the obligation to identify content creators such as mandated by French law (article 6-II de la Loi pour la confiance en l’économie numérique). 

We keep track of your licences and the number of users registered in each product to ensure the usage is valid concerning our commercial policy.

Data we aggregate

The data aggregation is meant to provide the service of evaluating the maturity of our users in terms of the methodologies we support and for you to evaluate this maturity against other users. The list of indicators computed on your data is described in full details in the relevant product page. It corresponds generally to counters or similar figures representing how the methodology is implemented. The results are available to you as a user as well.

The aggregation is always deactivable. If the feature is deactivated, the data aggregation does not occur anymore. Likewise, maturity assessments are not available anymore for your team.


For any question regarding data privacy, do not hesitate to contact us