Cloud native applications

How we build software @ Stenusys

Mobility, availability, response time...

Today everyone consider this granted.

We build applications with it in mind.

How does it work


We use containers to run our applications. 

It offers great flexibility in how they are deployed and managed.

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Hexagonal architecture

We use the concept of hexagonal architecture to build the applications themelves.

We believe it is a great way to structure software and it suits well our purpose @Stenusys.

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Data pipeline

The data pipeline concept allows us to build low-coupled products.

Thanks to these pipelines, data transmission is both super fast and fault-tolerant.

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12 factors

When discussing architecture or reviewing our systems, we often have a look at the 12 factors app.

While some factors are never to be broken due to the technologies we use, some others may actually help.

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