Ok we get it, software is everywhere.

Crafting software is a complex task on its own. We believe that helping collaboration of engineering teams is key to unleash their true potential.

Our impression is that in the IT industry, a large part of the effort is not spent on productive work.
Instead, time is spent on things like planning, roadmap review, status meeting, control change board or other related activities.
It shows at minimum that it is hard for people to work together.

What if we can address it by offering tools and services meant to make collaboration effortless? That is the mission of Stenusys.

Start with the basis

When implementing a digital transformation, seeing software as a competitive advantage in your market, it is a good idea to start with the basics: allow your team to work well together.
The only way to reach agility and efficiency is to put a good level of collaboration among the key functions of your software crafting entity.
Developers of course but also operators, project managers, product owners, testers ... need to collaborate to get things done. They need powerful and integrated tools removing as many impediments as possible.
  • We want to propose a set of tools putting this collaboration as the main focus
  • We want to propose a set of tools helping users to implement the best practices of the methodology they are using
  • We want to propose a set of tools so easy to use that the user can fully focus on his job

Check how our tools can help

Bottom line, it all relies on people

Having the best tools to implement the methodology of choice like Scrum, Kanban or Devops is one of the success factor of your software engineering.
If the tools are helping by providing a framework to run in the best way, it still relies in people to fully benefit from it.
Coaching and cultural shift of the teams is as well a key element to reach your objectives.

A good engine is nothing without a wheel

In a company, any move should come to serve the strategy and global objectives. Today technologies are fast changing and it is more and more a challenge to identify opportunities, see the benefits and then formulate and execute a strategy that will provide a decisive benefit over your market.
Defining where to focus digitalization (sales, R&D, production, ...), formulating your IT strategy or defining complex transformation (Cloud migration, componentization, microservices, agility, devops...) are few of the challenges that face the executives. Consulting from software engineering experts may be helpful.